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The Ultimate in RC Sound Systems. Superb audio performance, terrific features, incredibly easy to use.

The LARGEST SELECTION of airplane, helicopter boat and tank sounds available anywhere - well over 200! Now 120 airplane sound sets!
100% Real, 100% Control, 107dB Loud!

What's New:

September 27, 2021

New RNL Tamar Class lifeboat sound set added bringing our total boat sound sets to 74.

September 05, 2021

Many Battleship/Warship sound sets added bringing our total boat sound sets to 73.

May 14, 2021

New Hercules AC130 gunship sound set now available bringing our total airplane sound sets to 120.

February 17, 2021

New Airbus A380 sound set now available bringing our total airplane sound sets to 119.

January 26, 2021

New 5.1.1 release of ShockWave 3 firmware and Software. Exciting new features - Afterburner light controller + automatic sync. with Afterburner sound and much more.


Our Value To You

Do you want to:

  • Really impress your friends at the airfield or model boat lake?
  • Draw crowds whenever you startup your model airplane, helicopter, boat or tank?
  • Win at scale model competitions by wowing the judges with the real sound?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you'll need the ultimate

ShockWave 3 sound system for your RC model

Our ShockWave® 3 RC Sound Modules are highly advanced and offer a huge feature set and terrific value for money, as well as superb audio performance.

We also have the LARGEST SELECTION of model Airplane, Helicopter and Boat sounds in one place, anywhere on the planet.

We offer a personalized service to our customers, and unlike all other RC model sound system suppliers, we readily entertain building new or customized sound sets to meet your needs.

Our Products

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Groundbreaking DopplerFX Technology

Our ShockWave 3 sound module employs Model Sounds Inc. exclusive new technology in our revolutionary DopplerFX® feature providing enhanced Doppler shift effect. It uses a small GNSS receiver accessory board that provides position and speed information to the ShockWave 3 sound module. USA GPS, Russian GLONASS, European GALILEO, Chinese BEIDOU and Japanese QZSS satellite constellations are all supported.

The DopplerFX feature enables the model to sound much faster than it is really travelling as it approaches towards and recedes from the operator. Simulated speeds up to Mach 0.5 (617 km/hr or 384mph) are supported.

ShockWave 3 Sound System Exclusive Features

Revolutionary DopplerFX feature, as above.

Unique "Remote Scroll Through Mode" allowing scrolling up and down available sound sets remotely from your radio to select the sound set you want for your model.

E-Z-SyncTM method of achieving easy push-button synchronization between propeller rotation start/stop and the engine sound startup/shutdown.

The ShockWave 3 sound module also supports 3-position transmitter switches on one radio channel. This is ideal for weapons fire control, e.g. switch up for Machine Gun, switch down for Cannon fire, switch centre is off.

And since 2010, we remain the ONLY RC Sound System Manufacturer to provide two completely independent throttle controlled engine sounds on one sound module! Great for twin engine model airplanes or boats.

The ShockWave 3 sound module is fully programmable and configurable using our own ShockWave 3 PC Windows Software.

120 Airplane Sound Sets Now Available

With the recent addition of our Lockheed Hercules AC130 gunship sound set, we now have an amazing 120 airplane sound sets, in addition to 42 helicopter sound sets, 62 boat sound sets and 13 tank sound sets. This numbers our total pre-configured sound set collection at over 220 and is the largest collection of RC model sounds available in one place on the planet!

Our ShockWave 3 Airplane sound module is the ONLY RC Airplane Sound Module which includes our huge aircraft sound set collection including many jet and turbo-prop sounds simply not available elsewhere.

We offer the largest jet aircraft sound collection available anywhere, and you get all of them when you purchase our ShockWave 3 sound module or sound systems when it is configured for any airplane sound set.

Quality in Business Certified

As of July 13, 2020, Model Sounds Inc. is "Quality in Business Certified", an international standard in business quality set by the "International Trade Council".

Our Quality in Business Certificate can be seen here.

Technical Support

Our sales and technical support is excellent - both pre and post sales support is always fast and friendly.

Our technical support hours are : Mon. - Thurs. 10:00am - 4:00pm EST/EDT.

Download our Manuals, Datasheets and firmware upgrades for the ShockWave 3 sound module from our Downloads Page.